Rad 3D Simulator
Private Open Simulator Grid

I have closed http://rad3dsims.com:8002 aka the public grid and changed http://grid.rad3dsims.com:8002 to private without the ability for hyper grid users to teleport into the grid. The reaming grid http://grid.rad3dsims.com:8002 is private and only special invites or requests will be accepted for registration.

I have developed this site for those whom aren't members of my grid to be able to look at some of the things inside that I created unique to the Open Simulator environment. I have spent many hours like many others creating objects and building in the 3D interactive atmosphere.

In each section highlighting various regions we have also created several pages, or sub sections, to those regions listed to showcase the special areas. In these areas usually I have decided to pick is because I have made mostly if not all of the objects or models you will see. In some cases I have made everything in the entire region. You will not see anything I have created anywhere on the grid EXCEPT in http://fireandicegrid.net:8002/Bijoux Estates/1663/1807/22 as per this was a joint adventure build with a user named Jordi Walsh, this is not her name anywhere else on the Open Simulator environment. This region can also be seen here on this site called Taj Mah Mall.

Please view this entire website and enjoy my creations. There is no way to really contact me directly to inquire about anything built in my grid. I no longer have a Discord chat server and hardly use Facebook anymore. I'm not sure you can directly message me threw the grid but my grid user is Binary.Bandit @grid.rad3dsims.com:8002 so if you know of a way have at it I will eventually return your PM. My Discord account is Binary Bandit#5132 if you would like to message me there. Also I do not have this on my phone anymore so I will not instantly get any messages.

Please enjoy my website hand have a great day.